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Tree Trimming for Safety and Health
Tree Trimming for Safety and Health

We have been serving Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties since 1974 and stand by our slogan, “You’ll love doing business with Giroud. . . Guaranteed!” With our years of experience, we can provide references from homeowners right in your neighborhood to give you the confidence that Giroud Tree & Lawn is the right choice for your tree trimming and tree cutting needs.Tree trimming is essential for the health, beauty and safety of your trees. Choose Giroud Tree and Lawn for your tree trimming needs! Giroud representatives are ISA Certified Arborists with the expertise and credentials required to professionally inspect your trees and determine if trimming is required. We provide the highest level of tree services. Our prices are fair, competitive, and can meet any budget.

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Want your tree trimming to look great?

Choose the Award Winners at Giroud! With Giroud, your tree trimming project can be completed quickly and at an affordable rate! If you need a tree trimming service for your commercial or residential property, then you can trust Giroud to deliver quality work and quickly respond to your needs.

Why is Tree Trimming Needed?

Safety, health and beauty are the primary reasons for tree trimming. Through Safety Tree Trimming, Giroud expertly thins the crown to reduce wind resistance and weight of top heavy limbs and removes dead, rotted and weakly attached limbs. For tree health, proper tree cutting removes weak, dead and diseased limbs and establishes healthy growth patterns by promoting a dominant leader and selectively removing crossed branches. Tree trimming enhances the beauty of your property by improving your landscape views; elevating and shaping trees around pools, patios, drives, walkways and gardens and reducing debris over key areas on your property such as the pool area, roof, driveway and, patio. Finally, raising or elevating allows more daylight to reach understory plants by pruning and removing lower limbs.

Why choose Giroud for Tree Trimming?

  • Professional, Friendly, Tree Trimming Experts
  • Expertise ensures tree trimming removes safety hazards and promotes health and beauty.
  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • Fully Insured for tree trimming and removal
  • Free Tree Trimming Property Inspection and Estimate
  • Written proposal with clearly explained Tree Trimming cost

Things to ask before having trees trimmed on your property:

  • What are the potential health impacts on the tree?
  • Do you have recommendations from other customers who have used your service for tree trimming?
  • What is your tree cutting experience and have you trimmed this type of tree in the past?
  • Do you have a written proposal of your tree cutting price?

Tree trimming services are available in Doylestown, Fort Washington, Gladwyne, Meadowbrook, Narberth, New Hope, Richboro, Wyncote, Yardley, Elkins Park, Maple Glen, Glenside, Newtown, Radnor, Langhorne, Villanova, Blue Bell, Abington, Warminster. Call today to speak with the Giroud ISA Certified Arborist serving your Community! Click to view all Tree Trimming Service Area here.