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Tree Removal Cost

Tree removal cost can vary dramatically.  The ISA Certified Arborists at Giroud Tree and Lawn explain the top 5 factors that can affect the price for tree removal:

  1. Tree Size and Condition: How big is the tree?  Is the tree structurally sound so that it can be climbed safely?
  2. Proximity to Electrical Hazards: Is the tree growing near electrical wires or other hazards?
  3. Ease of Access: Is the tree located where equipment can be staged near the tree?
  4. Equipment Required: Is special equipment such as a crane or bucket truck needed to complete the job safely?
  5. Property Safety: Is the tree close to a house or other valuable structure that may require special rigging to remove the tree safely without damage to your property?

While these factors all contribute to cost, the most important consideration is the reputation and quality of the tree removal company.  Tree removal is one of the most dangerous jobs in tree care.  Before you buy, check the company’s credentials and insurance.

Tree Removal Cost

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Since 1974, Giroud Tree Service has provided tree removal services that guarantee a safe and worry free tree removal.  We have the Accreditations, Licenses and Certifications that demonstrate our expertise, ethical business practices and high quality standards.  Equally important, Giroud is fully insured and can provide a “Certificate of Insurance” covering workers compensation, property damage and $2 million in business liability insurance.

When evaluating tree removal cost, here’s why you can buy from Giroud Tree Service with confidence:

  • Giroud is one of only 206 companies in North America that is TCIA Accredited;
  • Free evaluation by ISA Certified Arborists;
  • Outstanding safety record;
  • Highly trained crews with experience handling even the most challenging tree removals;
  • State of the art equipment to get the job done quickly, safely and at the lowest possible tree removal cost.

With a 98% satisfaction rating from over 25,000 customers, Giroud guarantees you will love doing business with us!  Accredited the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), Giroud is also a BBB Accredited Company and has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Get to know your ISA Certified Arborist!

Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will provide an expert tree removal cost evaluation for your property. He’ll inspect your trees, evaluate how to safely perform the tree removal service on your property and give you a written estimate for tree removal cost.

It’s also important to know that Giroud Tree and Lawn is a fully insured for tree removal.  We have over 45 years experience in  emergency tree removals, total tree removals, partial tree removal.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can count on getting exactly what you want in caring customer service and expert tree removal.

Tree Removal Cost for Homeowners:

  • Safe and Professional Tree Removal – in Philadelphia, Montgomery County PA and Bucks County!
  • Free Tree Removal Estimate
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  You’ll love doing business with Giroud!
  • Emergency Tree Removal Services
  • Prompt arrival and friendly, highly trained crews
  • Proper site inspection prior to tree removal
  • Professional Tree Removal Experts
  • Fully Insured Tree Removal (employees and your property)
  • 1,000’s of Tree Removals safely completed without damaging property or neighboring trees.
  • Meticulous clean-up after the tree removal is completed
  • Don’t forget to ask about our tree stump removal service.

Tree Removal Cost for Philadelphia area Businesses, Property Managers and Developers:

  • Tree Removal in Philadelphia PA 
  • Land Clearing for Future Development
  • Total Property Maintenance – Service Contracts Available
  • Tree Removal Service for Property Managers — Hotels, Golf Courses, Retail Centers, Business Parks, Homeowner Associations in Montgomery County PA, Bucks Count and Philadelphia
  • Stump Removal – Get rid of that ugly stump today!

When you are looking for tree removal cost estimates, our service guarantee means you can choose Giroud with confidence.  From your first call until after your tree removal service is completed, we guarantee you will love doing business with Giroud!

How much does tree removal cost?

Tree removal cost depends on the time, equipment and set up required to do your job safely. Here are the five key factors:

1. Size of the tree
2. Nearness to electrical hazards.
3. Ability to stage equipment near the tree.
4. Is special equipment such as a crane or bucket truck required?
5. Is the tree located near your house or other valuable structure that will require special set up for a safe removal?

For your protection, always check a tree removal company’s credentials before you buy.