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Tree Problems

Tree problems are often easy to spot. Warning signs include dead branches, discolored leaves and decay.  Quick action is key.  Left unchecked, tree problems can destroy your tree and damage your property.

Insects and diseases can be incredibly destructive.  When caught early, treatments can often save a tree from serious damage.

Safety is also a concern.  Trees with dead branches or major dead sections can be a symptom of a critical safety issue.

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Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist has the expertise to determine exactly what’s wrong with your tree.  He’ll provide a written evaluation and recommend the best solution.

The most common tree problems include:

  1. Insect or Disease Infestation: Just like humans, when a tree or shrub is attacked by insects or infected with a disease, the plant can quickly decline.  Early detection is key.  Treatment may be recommended.  If the inspection finds that the tree is hazardous and a danger to your property, tree removal may be the only option.
  2. Decay: Major decay can make a tree unsafe. Look for cavities, mushroom growth and other signs of decay in the trunk and the root system.
  3. Root System Decline:  The stability and health of your tree depends on a strong root system.  Indicators of root problems include trees that are leaning, sections of the crown that fail to leaf out or turn color prematurely and signs of decay or root disease.  One of the most common root problems is Girdling Roots which cuts off the flow of nutrients and water through the tree.  Improper planting and over-mulching are the main causes.  Girdling roots can be fixed with airspading and hand cutting away the girdled roots.
  4. Poor Soil: Builders often strip away the top layer of soil which holds healthy nutrients and vitamins found naturally in the ground.  Without proper nutrition, trees will planted in this soil will decline over time.  Fertilizer treatments inject those critical nutrients back into the soil promote root growth and  boost tree health.
  5. Seasonal Problems: Many issues become especially noticeable at certain times of the year.  In Spring, you’ll want to watch for trees leafing out late, poor leaf development or color and twig or branch die-back.  In summer and into the Fall, look for early color change and leaf drop as well as excessive deadwood and peeling or oozing bark.  Winter is the time to be alert for winter burn and cracked and weak limbs that could break in a storm.

From targeted insect and disease treatments and tree fertilization to hazardous tree removal, your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will keep your property healthy, safe and beautiful.