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Tree Planting Services

Is your landscape looking tired, unkept or just plain uninspired?  Transform outdoor spaces into a thing of beauty with Giroud Tree and Lawn’s Tree Planting service.

Let’s Talk About Planting Your New Tree or Shrub!

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There are many reasons to plant new trees or shrubs.  Giroud can help you evaluate your landscape, select the best tree, and plant it for you.

Here’s how Giroud’s Tree Planting service can help you transform your landscape:

  1. Decide What Your Landscape Needs: There are many reasons to plant new trees or shrubs. Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will talk with you about what you want to accomplish and help pick the best location. For example, many homeowners want to:
    • Tree Planting: Creating a Privacy Screen
      Tree Planting: Creating a Privacy Screen

      Replace a tree that has died or outgrown its current location and requires tree removal.

    • Build a privacy screen or sound barrier (pictured)
    • Provide shade for a patio, porch or other area
    • Add color with a tree that flowers or changes color with the seasons
    • Create a focal point with a plant that has unusual branch formation, interesting bark or other characteristics
  2. Select the best plants for the location: Once you decide where to plant, your Giroud Arborist can help you select the best plant for that special spot.   If you are looking for something special, you can also check out our recommendations for unique trees.  In selecting your tree, it is extremely important to consider:
    • Space: How much room does the tree have to grow in height and spread?  The tree’s growth habit should match the space available.
    • Location: Is area sunny, shady or open to the wind and other weather?
    • Soil conditions: What type of soil will the tree grow in: loose, wet, rocky or compact?
    • Proximity to Other Structures: Will the tree be near a patio, walkway, other plantings or a window?
  3. Give it a strong start: Whatever tree you choose, give it good care from the start.
    • Water: Keep the soil moist, but not wet, through the first year.
    • Fertilize: Have Giroud inject fertilizer treatment that’s specially formulated to help young trees get established.
    • Pruning: To develop good branch structure, it’s important to have Giroud prune the young tree every one to three years.
    • Check its progress: Have your Giroud Arborist monitor the tree annually to ensure it maintains good health.

Tree planting transforms your landscape today and only gets more beautiful with age. An ancient Chinese proverb says: /”The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now./” Plant a tree today!