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Tree Cabling PA

Giroud Tree and Lawn is your tree cabling expert! Tree cables are like a safety net for trees. By reducing the strain on weak limbs, tree cables prevent the limbs from splitting and causing damage or complete tree failure. For cracked trunks, a through bolt helps to keep the trunk from splitting apart. Starting with a friendly, professional, and FREE evaluation by a Giroud ISA Certified Arborist, our tree cabling services provide you with everything you need to know about tree cabling and how the tree cables work to give the tree much needed support. Best of all, our service guarantee ensures that you are satisfied and informed throughout the process.

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During your free consultation, your Giroud Arborist fully inspects your trees to determine if cables are needed. While it sounds like a simple procedure, installing a tree cable requires skill and precision.

Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will choose the right tree cabling system for the size limbs it must support and ensure that the system is installed at the proper angle, height and tension. The end result is tree cabling that ensures your tree stands up to storms in any season.

Cable InstallationDon’t trust your trees to a company without experience! Call Giroud Tree & Lawn and you’ll recognize the difference. Along with installing cables, tree pruning may be required to reduce the weight of heavy limbs, remove deadwood and thin the crown. Your tree cables will be installed by a fully insured company with over 45 years of experience with tree cabling, tree bolting and tree pruning.

Why choose Giroud Tree and Lawn for your Tree Cabling?

  • Professional Tree Cabling Experts
  • Proper site inspection to determine if tree cabling is required
  • Free Tree Cabling Estimate
  • Annual visit to check your tree cables and ensure they are functioning properly
  • Seasonal Tree Care
  • Fully Insured Company (employees and your property)

Things to ask before you have cables installed in your property:

  • Are you fully qualified for tree cabling?
  • Do you have recommendations from other customers who have used your service for tree cabling?
  • Who will be on site for my cabling operation?
  • What kind of tree cabling equipment will you use?