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Protecting Your Trees During a Drought

Too little rain and high heat can stress trees and open the door for health problems. The ISA Certified Arborists at Giroud Tree And Lawn explain the problem and actions homeowners can take to save their trees from drought stress. Giroud Tree is a Tree Service Philadelphia Company specializing in Tree and Lawn care throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks County PA.

Months of dry, hot temperatures can start a lethal chain of events for trees during the Fall and into next Spring. Imagine what would happen if you were stranded in the desert for days without water.It’s the same for trees. Dry brittle branches snap and crumble, roots wither and die-back and lethal insects like borers and bark beetles invade.

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Most trees should be in full leaf and green through early October. Homeowners need to be on the alert for warning signs that their tree is in jeopardy.

1. Excessive deadwood/Branch die-back in a limb or section of the tree
2. Tree changes color or drops its leaves before others of the same type
3. Decay such as cankers or mushrooms
4. Signs of insect activity such as borer holes in the tree trunk
5. Brown leaves remain on the branches after other leaves have dropped

A stressed tree doesn’t bounce back easily. Take the following actions:

  • Get a professional inspection: Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will inspect your trees to determine if treatment is necessary.
  • Fertilize: Giroud uses a fertilizer with biostimulants and slow release nitrogen to provide nutrients for the entire tree
  • Inject a root builder: Roots are often most impacted by prolonged drought. Root stimulants can be applied to build new fibrous roots to help the tree absorb nutrients and water.
  • Treat insects and diseases: Drought-stricken trees are more susceptible to insects and disease. Once weakened, borers, fungus, and other opportunistic organisms attack the tree. Therefore, regular monitoring by your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist is important.
  • Water during dry periods. When nature doesn’t do it for us, we need to take charge by giving your trees a thorough, deep soaking at least once a week. Trees should be watered from the trunk out to the edge of the crown. Apply the water slowly to avoid run-off and waste.

Of course, the best solution is to prevent drought stress from happening in the first place by selecting the right trees and keeping them properly watered and mulched. To schedule these services with trusted professionals contact Giroud Tree for Tree Service Philadelphia.