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Summer Tree Care

Summer is prime time for backyard fun and nasty storms too. Giroud Tree and Lawn can help you make the most of your yard and protect your trees from summer storm damage.

Summer Tree Care!

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Here’s how to prepare your yard for summer fun and dangerous storms:

Get a free evaluation: Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will evaluate your trees for dead limbs, root problems, poor leaf development and pests. If problems are identified, Giroud Tree and Lawn has the knowledge and experience required to handle all your tree care needs including tree pruning, tree cabling, tree removal and insect and disease control.

Be safe: Most tree disasters occur during summer storms. Giroud will remove deadwood, thin crowns and install tree cables in weak limbs. Tree removal should be completed on any tree that is deemed hazardous.

Let the sun shine on your pool, patio, walkway and gardens. Tree pruning can elevate, thin or selectively prune your trees around, pools, patios, walkways and gardens.

Stop ticks: Protect your family from ticks. Giroud uses proven techniques to control ticks. Clean-up the outer edges of your yard, prune to allow more light and air flow and apply spray treatments.

Take Action Now!

  1. Tree pruning: Prune for safety, beauty and health.
  2. Insect and Disease Control: If your tree is showing signs of insect or disease problems, Giroud uses proven treatments based on the latest industry research.
  3. Tree Fertilization: Giroud will inject our Broad Spectrum Vitamin Complex with Bio-stimulants to give your trees the nutrients needed to thrive.
  4. Tree removal: Remove hazardous trees before summer storms strike!
  5. Stump removal: Get rid of ugly stumps. Giroud has a variety of stump grinders to reach stumps even in the most challenging locations.

Things to ask before you hire a tree service company:

  • Are you an ISA Certified Arborist?
  • Do you have a “Certificate of Insurance” for worker’s compensation, property damage and $2 million in business liability?
  • Does your company require safe working practices including protective gear and equipment?
  • Do you have a customer satisfaction guarantee?
  • Do you have recommendations from other satisfied customers for whom you’ve provided tree care services?
  • What are the professional credentials of the crew who will be on site to perform the work?