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Spring Tree Care

How can you make your trees healthy, safe and beautiful this Spring? Have your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist inspect your trees for warning signs of health or safety issues including insects, disease, structural problems and hazards. If problems are identified, Giroud Tree and Lawn has the knowledge and experience required to handle all your tree care needs including tree pruning, tree cabling, tree removal and insect and disease control.

Spring Tree Care!

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Look for these Spring Warning Signs on your trees!

Spring is when plants should be coming alive.  It’s also a time when many damaging insects emerge.  Look for warning signs such as:

  1. Insect activity or damage on leaves or branches.
  2. Decay, peeling bark or mushrooms growing from the root system or trunk.
  3. Poor leaf development such as trees that are late to leaf out, have partial leaf development or show excessive deadwood (branches with little or no leaf development.

Spring Actions to take now!

  • Get a free property inspection by your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist!
    Tree pruning: Prune for safety, beauty and health
  • Insect and Disease Control: If your tree is showing signs of insect or disease problems, Giroud uses proven treatments based on the latest industry research.
  • Tree Fertilization: Giroud will inject our Broad Spectrum Vitamin Complex with Bio-stimulants to give your trees the nutrients needed to thrive.
  • Tree removal: Remove hazardous trees before summer storms strike!
  • Stump removal: Get rid of ugly stumps. Giroud has a variety of stump grinders to reach stumps even in the most challenging locations.