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Japanese Beetle Damage
Japanese Beetle Damage

Japanese Beetle Control

Japanese Beetles can emerge in swarms in June through July.  Once they hit, these annoying, ugly, and damaging pests will feast on your plants through September.
Favorite trees and shrubs include roses, flowering cherry, flowering crabapple, linden, and birch. Damaged leaf tissue takes on a skeletonized appearance since Japanese Beetles feed between the leaf veins.
Japanese Beetle Spray Treatment
Japanese Beetles can be treated, but proper timing is imperative!

Control Japanese Beetles Now!

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Successful control depends on applying treatment when the Beetles are first spotted.  If you are concerned about Beetles or had a problem last summer, please call Giroud Tree and Lawn today to schedule an inspection by your Giroud Arborist.  He will identify your high risk plants and if necessary put you on our Beetle Treatment schedule.  That way, we can treat your property at the first sign of an outbreak.

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