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Carpenter Ant Control and Treatment

Carpenter Ant control is needed to protect homes from serious damage. The first sign of infestation is usually the presence of large (1/2 inch), wingless, dark-colored ants inside your home.

Have Carpenter Ants invaded your home?

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Carpenter ants typically build the parent nest outside in a rotted or decayed tree, stump or log located near the house. This nest becomes their launching point to invade the home and build satellite nests inside.

To eliminate the ants, your Giroud tree service professional knows how to find and destroy the parent and the satellite nests.

If you suspect Carpenter Ants have invaded your home, contact Giroud Tree and Lawn. Your Giroud Arborist will evaluate the trees growing close to the house and take action to eliminate the nests and remove decayed debris, limbs or trees.