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Tree Rust Control

Tree rust control is needed when infected trees show yellow to orange leaf or needle pustules, or branch growth swellings with horn-like projections. Repeated outbreaks can result in severe defoliation, which can weaken trees and make them vulnerable to winter injury, insects and other diseases.

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Trees affected by tree rust diseases include Cedars, Junipers (pictured), Ash, Pine, Apples, Crabapple, Quince and Hawthorn. Two plant species are required to serve as alternate hosts for tree rust.


Juniper with Cedar Apple Rust
Tree Rusts

If you see signs of tree rust on your trees, contact Giroud. Your Giroud Arborist will check your trees and recommend the best action. Schedule a free evaluation now.Treatment is available to control tree rust. Additional control options include removing one of the host plants. An example would be to remove a juniper that is growing near a Crabapple. Pruning galls from trees also helps reduce the number of spores available for infection next Spring.

Tree Rust is one of many problems affecting trees. Learn more at Giroud’s insect and disease control page.