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Root Disease

Root disease problems such as root rot can undermine tree stability and safety. Mushrooms at the base of the tree,  small, yellow, chlorotic foliage, stunted growth; scorched leaves and branch dieback are just a few of the warning signs. When construction damage or mechanical injuries such as from lawn mowers or weed wackers is the cause, symptoms may appear one to several years after the damage occurred.

Is root disease making your trees unsafe?

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Your Giroud Arborist can examine the tree for root disease such as root rot.  Root collar excavation may be required to evaluate root health and safety. Actions could include aerating the soil to minimize compaction, improving drainage, fertilizer injections in Spring and watering during drought periods.

Tree uproots from root disease.
Tree uproots from root disease.

If the root system is severely damaged, tree removal is usually recommended. A tree with a structurally weakened root system can become a dangerous liability, particularly during severe wind storms. (pictured: tree failure from root rot)

Root disease and other root problems must be evaluated by a professional. Your Giroud Arborist is an ISA Certified Arborist, who has the tree service experience and knowledge required to evaluate the condition of your tree and tree root system to determine if further action is required.