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Bacterial Leaf Scorch Control

Bacterial Leaf Scorch (BLS) most often plagues Oaks, Sycamores, Red Maples and Dogwoods. The disease is a killer. Without treatment, Bacterial Leaf Scorch shuts down a tree’s systems and prevents water and nutrients from reaching leaves. (Pictured: Browning on Oak tree is a sign of Bacterial Leaf Scorch)

Is your tree suffering from Bacterial Leaf Scorch?

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There is no cure for Bacterial Leaf Scorch. However, antibiotic injections suppress the disease and prolong the life of the tree.

The proof is in the results. Giroud has treated the Oaks at Jeanes Hospital for BLS for several years. The Oaks at Jeanes’ now display full crowns of lush green leaves. Just across the street, untreated oaks show severe BLS decline.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch is the tree version of cholesterol in humans. The BLS bacteria clog a tree’s vessels and prevent water and nutrients from getting to the leaves.

The best treatment is Oxytetracycline which suppresses the symptoms and prolongs the life of the tree. Applied in the Spring, Oxytetracycline slows down the growth of bacteria which enables nutrients and water to travel up and down the tree.

If your tree is infected, treatment must be applied in early Spring when the bacteria is most vulnerable. While treatment is done in the Spring, the best time to check for BLS is late summer. If the leaves on your tree are brown or scorched, your Giroud Arborist will check for BLS. Schedule a free evaluation now.