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Anthracnose Control

Sycamore AnthracnoseIs Your Tree Suffering from Anthracnose?  
Trees suffering from Anthracnose may need treatment to control this deadly disease.  Ash, Oak, Sycamore, Maple, Dogwood and many other deciduous trees are susceptible to Anthracnose.

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What does Anthracnose look like on a tree? Lower and inner leaves and branches of the canopy show the most severe symptoms.  Here are the infection symptoms to look for:

  1. Small, dead spots on leaves
  2. Dead leaf margins
  3. Twig die-back
  4. Premature defoliation.

A cool Spring promotes development of Anthracnose. The disease can be controlled by:

  1. Pruning out dead branches and twigs
  2. Raking fallen leaves away from  susceptible trees.
  3. For high value specimen trees, time release fertilizer injection and fungicides can be applied.

If you suspect your tree has Anthracnose or are worried about its health, contact Giroud! Your Giroud Arborist will inspect the tree and recommend the best treatment protocol.