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Pine Sawfly Control and Treatment

Pine Sawfly come back year after year and spread from the host tree out to other Pines. Pines of all kinds are at risk including White Pines and Austrian Pines. Needles on infested trees appear dry and straw-like. Repeated defoliation severely stunts the growth of the tree and results in a thin, unsightly appearance.

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High-risk Pines should be monitored for Sawfly eggs in the needles between September and mid-April. The best time to control this pest is after the larvae begin feeding in May. When the larvae emerge, the needles on the Pine will actually appear to be moving from Sawfly activity.

Non-chemical control options include pruning away infested branches or removing host trees. Severe infestations require chemical treatment to control the pest. Check out our insect and disease control libraries for more information on tree problems.

Pine sawfly eggs
Sawfly eggs can be seen inside the needles of the pine tree. Look for these eggs September – Mid-April