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5 Steps to Get Rid of Spotted Lanternfly

Getting rid of Spotted Lanternfly requires action year-round.  Based on the latest research from Penn State and the PA Department of Agriculture, here are the 5 Steps you need to take now.

1. Inspect your yard for signs of Spotted Lanternfly: Year-round

Life Cycle of Spotted Lanternfly

Be vigilant. Know what Spotted Lanternfly looks like. Survey your property at every stage of development. Stop the spread. Check for egg masses before transporting outdoor items to new locations.

2. Trap Nymphs: May-July

Sticky bands on trees to trap spotted lanternfly nymphs. These bands are too wide. Bands should be cut in half to avoid accidentally trapping small animals and birds.

Wrap sticky bands around high risk trees. Cut the bands in half to avoid accidentally trapping small animals and birds. Photo shows what happens when bands are too wide. Change the bands every 2 weeks.

3. Kill Spotted Lanternfly in the Adult Stage: July-November

Spotted Lanternfly Control Treatment

Whenever you see Spotted Lanternfly, squash and kill them yourself. For large infestations, chemical control is needed. Trees need to be treated with systemic and/or topical sprays that kill on contact and provide long lasting residual control.

4. Destroy Egg Masses: September-May

Scraping Egg Masses off of trees to destroy Spotted Lanterfly

Find egg masses and destroy them. Check trees, understory plants and even under and sides of walls, card, outdoor grills and lawn furniture. Scrape egg masses into a bag that contains rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. To learn how, check out Giroud’s post and instructional video on what to look for and how to remove and destroy Spotted Lanternfly Egg Masses.

5. Remove Tree of Heaven: Year-round

Tree of Heaven Is Favorite Host for Spotted Lanternfly

Check your property for Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus). It’s a magnet for Spotted Lanternfly. A fast spreader, the tree must be treated with a herbicide to kill it. Once dead, the tree and stump can be removed.

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