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Deer Control

Have deer invaded your property? Trampled flowerbeds…Defoliated trees and plants…are a sure sign that you need deer control. Giroud Tree and Lawn uses a deer control treatment that is specially formulated to repel deer and keep them away from your valuable trees and plants.

Preserve Landscape Plants and Protect Family from Ticks
with Deer Control!

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According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Pennsylvania has the 3rd highest incidence of Lyme Disease in the nation and our region is one of the worst in the state. Ticks carry Lyme Disease and deer are one of the primary ways that ticks get onto your property.

Deer Damage and Control Treatments
Deer Damage

As creatures of habit, deer are hard to deter once they take a liking to your property. After several years of testing and monitoring, Giroud has found a deer repellent formula that works.

Our deer control treatments are safe, odorless, water-resistant and absolutely despised by deer. We spray it at least every three months for year-round protection.

Schedule a tree service evaluation by Giroud to determine if our deer repellent is right for you. Pictured:Arborvitae eaten by deer get treated with our top performing deer repellent.