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Organic and Traditional Pest Control for Mosquitoes and Ticks

Want to enjoy your yard without being attacked by mosquitoes and ticks?  You can outsmart these bloodsucking demons with Giroud’s Tick and Mosquito Control Programs.

To get the control that best fits your goals, we offer two options for Mosquito and Tick Control:

1.    100% Organic: Our special 100% Organic formula gets the job done with essential oils including peppermint and cedar oils which are natural repellents.  Our treatments are safe for children, pets and pollinators like bees and butterflies.
2.    Traditional: A highly effective program, our insecticide treatments have staying power to control adult mosquitoes and ticks, tick nymphs, mosquito larvae and eggs.  Once dried, treated areas are safe for people and pets.

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With Giroud’s 100% Organic and Traditional Mosquito and Tick Control programs, you can safely control mosquitoes and ticks in your yard.  Equally important, you can protect people and pets from dangerous illnesses including Zika and West Nile Viruses, Lyme Disease and the deadly Powassan Virus.

It all starts with a free evaluation.  Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will identify hot spots for treatment.  You can also talk with him about the areas of your yard that you use the most.  Then, he will develop a custom mosquito and tick control program.  Your custom program will target hot spots, your high use areas and keep these pests from ruining your outdoor fun.