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100% Organic Lawn Treatment Program PA

Giroud Tree and Lawn Care Services is your organic lawn specialist! Our 100% Organic Lawn Treatment Program is absolutely chemical-free. Unlike other “organic based” programs that blend synthetic ingredients with organics, Giroud’s program uses all natural lawn fertilizers to build healthy, natural soil, and lawns.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer Treatments Giroud

To ensure the best possible, chemical-free lawn, no herbicides, fungicides, or synthetic pesticides are utilized in our 100% Organic Lawn Treatment Program.

Your 100% Organic Lawn Care Program Includes:

  • Initial evaluation of your lawn and its needs by your Giroud Representative.
  • Regular visits by a PA Certified Technician to regularly monitor lawn health; test pH levels; and, customize treatments and timing based on your lawn’s unique needs.
  • Written report after each visit.
  • Annual pH test to monitor your soil’s acidity and alkalinity balance.
  • Organic Soil Conditioners: Materials such as compost, minerals and humates are added as needed to enhance the soil.


Optional 100% Organic Lawn Services:

Optional lawn repair and restoration measures may be recommended in addition to your 100% Organic Annual Lawn Program to keep your lawn in the best condition that organic treatments can provide. These services include:

  • Comprehensive Soil Analysis(CSA): A biannual lab soil test to identify soil problems and actions required. Based on the lab results, we customize your treatments to address your lawn’s needs.
  • Organic Grub Control: Apply Beneficial Nematodes or Milky Spore Bacteria
  • Weed Control: Special application of organic weed and grass control in garden beds.
  • Tick Control: Giroud uses a combination of 100% organic insecticide plus perimeter clean up of overgrown areas and pruning to let in more sunlight on shady tick habitats. Please note: The effectiveness of the above organic controls is more limited than chemical-based treatments.
  • Core Aeration: Aeration helps relieve soil compaction, allowing more air, water and nutrients to reach the root zone. It also promotes thatch decomposition and stimulates root development for a healthier, thicker lawn.
  • Organic Top Dressing: To improve soil structure and quality, organic material should be applied to your lawn. This service is best done in conjunction with Core Aeration.
  • Seeding: As part of organic lawn management, we can introduce new, more disease and insect resistant varieties of grass into your lawn.
  • Lime: When lawn acidity is too high, lime may be recommended at rates specified in the CSA.
  • De-Thatching: If we determine that you have a thatch problem, we will recommend removing excess thatch with a special machine to allow more air, water and nutrients to reach the root zone.
  • Rototilling: Healthy plants start with healthy soil! Rototilling relieves compaction, improves moisture holding capacity, prepares gardens for planting and creates new seed beds for lawn renovations.
  • Lawn Renovation: For new construction or lawns in extremely poor condition, a more intensive approach is required. Our free initial lawn evaluation and ongoing monitoring will determine the combination of our optional services to build a healthy lawn.

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In addition to our 100% Organic program, Giroud also offers a traditional lawn treatment program.  Our traditional program provides fertilizer treatments and includes grub and insect control treatments at no extra charge.  Weed problems are treated only as needed, eliminating unnecessary use of chemicals.

Organic Lawn Treatment Program