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Lawn Soil Testing
Lawn Soil Testing

Soil PH Testing

Your lawn is only as good as your soil. In our region, the natural soil pH is typically acidic. High acid means your lawn can’t effectively absorb fertilizer and nutrients. That’s why, we recommend an annual application of Lime.

Why is balanced soil pH so important for lawns? It’s the only way your lawn can get access to the full benefits of the fertilizer and nutrients we apply in Giroud’s Six Visit Lawn Program. Since most soils in the Philadelphia area are acidic, lime needs to be added to get and keep your soil pH in balance. For soils that are high alkaline, which is unusual for our area, an application of Elemental Sulfur is required to increase soil acidity.

If the pH problem is not fixed, the lawn will decline and open the door for problems such as weeds and bare spots. Giroud adjusts soil pH with amendments such as Lime or Elemental Sulfur.

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Giroud offers a free annual pH test for our lawn care customers. Your Giroud representative will evaluate your lawn and test the soil pH with a professional meter. Depending on the findings, an annual application of Lime or sulfur may be recommended.

Watch the video to learn more about why pH is important to your lawn and how to fix a lawn that is growing in soil with bad pH levels.

Then, give us a call.  We’ll be happy to schedule your free pH Test.  You can reach us at 215-682-7704 or Schedule Now.