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How to Hire a Lawn Service and Lawn Treatment Company

Comparing prices from lawn service and lawn treatment companies can be confusing. Quotes often vary widely by the services included in the lawn program, product quality, company qualifications and the dreaded hidden fees.

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The following Lawn Service Guide covers the questions homeowners should ask to accurately compare lawn treatment programs and determine exactly what you are getting for your money.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Lawn Service:

  1. Does the company give you a price over the phone or do a free on-site evaluation?
    Answer: No two lawns are alike. Giroud provides a free estimate to evaluate lawn health and overall condition.  We also conduct a free pH test to determine acidity levels. This enables us to determine the treatments and services required to get and keep your lawn healthy.
  2. What services are included in the price?
    Answer: Many companies charge extra for services that are already included in Giroud’s program such as:

    • 6 Visits for properly timed and customized treatments
    • Grub Control: to prevent them from feeding on turf roots causing sections of grass to die off.
    • Pre and Post emergent Crabgrass Control: Two applications should be done to extend control longer into the season. Many companies offer just one.
    • Targeted Weed Control: Performed as needed on every visit.
  3. What is the quality rating of the products used?  Answer: Giroud uses premium, professional grade products—the highest quality available.
  4. Does the company use slow release as well as quick release fertilizers?
    Answer: Giroud includes premium slow-release fertilizers in our treatment program to provide sustained feeding and reduce thatch and disease susceptibility. Quotes from companies using quick-release alone or lower grade fertilizers may be cheaper but are less effective.
  5. Are treatments performed by PA Certified Technicians?
    Answer: Giroud Technicians are PA Certified for Turf Applications.
  6. What is the Company’s experience in lawn treatments?
    Answer: Giroud technicians participate in on-going training to identify problems, take action and provide care tips such as how to mow and water between visits. Additionally, our application techniques adhere to best practice standards.
  7. Is the lawn treatment program environmentally friendly?
    Answer: Giroud offers a 100% Organic Program. Additionally, Giroud’s traditional lawn treatment program protects the environment in several ways:
  • Need Based Treatments: Pesticides and herbicides are applied only when necessary. Some companies do blanket treatments which save time, cost less but result in unnecessary use of chemicals.
  • Toxicity: Giroud uses the least toxic materials required for effective results.
  • Fertilizer dosage: Is customized and based on what the lawn can fully absorb to minimize run-off issues.
  • Phosphorous: A major source of algae problems in waterways, Phosphorous is not included in Giroud’s lawn fertilizer unless a soil test indicates a shortage or the lawn is newly seeded.
  1. Does the company offer free service calls if there is a problem between visits?
    Answer: Giroud provides free service calls between visits.
  2. How do actual customers rate the company’s service?
    Answer: Giroud has extensive references and a 98% satisfaction rating on post job surveys from over 25,000 customers since 1995. Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association, Giroud also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been a BBB Accredited Company since 1987!
  3. Does the Company offer a satisfaction guarantee?
    Answer: Giroud guarantees your complete satisfaction.

LCAP Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania