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Lawn Repair Services

Lawn Renovation Before, During and After

Want your lawn to look healthy and beautiful? Whether it’s spot seeding a few areas or rejuvenating your entire lawn, Giroud Tree and Lawn brings the professional knowledge, experience and equipment required to get your lawn into prime growing condition. Our lawn repair services include: aeration, overseeding, slit seeding, fixing bare and thin lawns with topsoil and seeding and complete lawn replacement.

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When a lawn requires seeding, it takes more than just spreading seed. Your Giroud Lawn Expert will determine the best kind of seed to match the rest of your lawn and growing environment.

One very important step in seeding is usually aeration and de-thatching.  This process helps to open the soil and create the best bed for planting seeds.  Now, seeds are being spread onto an optimum growing environment.  This will promote seed germination and establishment.

After aeration and de-thatching, air, water and nutrients are also better able to reach the roots.  With better access to these vital elements for healthy growth, your lawn will thrive.

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