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Lawn Evaluation Service

Lawn Soil Testing
Lawn Soil Testing

Contact Giroud Tree & Lawn Today!  Great lawns begin with a professional lawn evaluation service by Giroud Tree and Lawn. A Giroud lawn evaluation is always free. Your Giroud Representative will do a complete inspection to analyze the growing environment and determine what’s required to get and keep your lawn healthy.


Your initial evaluation includes a pH test to assess acidity levels. We also check for thickness, color and type of grass as well as signs of weeds, insects or fungus.

Based on the results of our lawn evaluation, your Giroud Representative will create an Annual Lawn Program that is customized to meet the specific needs of your lawn with minimal use of chemicals. In addition, he may recommend other lawn services such as aeration, seeding or renovation to get your lawn in prime growing condition.

Our experts and professionals are available to address any of your lawn services needs.

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