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Annual Lawn Treatment Program

Your Annual Lawn Program Includes:

  1. Initial evaluation of your lawn and its needs by your Giroud Representative
  2. Six visits by a PA Certified Lawn Technician to monitor your lawn, test pH levels, apply Fertilizer Treatments, control insects and treat weeds as needed.
  3. Written report after each visit.
  4. Unlimited free service calls between scheduled visits to address any problems or concerns

Optional Services

The following Lawn Treatment Services may be recommended in addition to your Six Visit Program::

  1. Lime: When CSA or pH reading indicates lawn acidity is too high, an annual application of lime may be recommended.
  2. Nutsedge Control: This invasive, grass-like weed has spread rapidly throughout the region. A series of treatments is required to help suppress Nutsedge.
  3. Fungicide: A cool, rainy Spring or Summer may cause fungal problems.  Depending on the fungus, preventative measures may not be 100% effective or practical.  In most cases, we only treat fungal diseases if they appear.
  4. Core Aeration: Aeration helps relieve soil compaction, allowing more air, water and nutrients to reach the root zone.  It also promotes thatch decomposition and stimulates root development for a healthier, thicker lawn.
  5. Rototilling:  Healthy plants start with healthy soil!  Rototilling relieves soil compaction, improves moisture holding capacity, prepares gardens for planting and creates new seed beds for lawn renovations.
  6. De-Thatching:  If we determine that you have a thatch problem, we will recommend removing excess thatch with a special machine to allow more air, water and nutrients to reach the root zone.
  7. Seeding: From spot seeding a few areas to rejuvenating your entire lawn, our seed is custom mixed to match your lawn and growing environment.
  8. Organic Top Dressing: To improve soil structure and quality, organic material should be applied to your lawn.   This service is best done in conjunction with Core Aeration.
  9. Lawn Renovation: For new construction or lawns in extremely poor condition, a more intensive approach is required.  Our free initial lawn evaluation and ongoing monitoring will determine the combination of our optional services to build a healthy lawn.
  10. Vegetation Management: Control weeds with our Pre-emergent Treatment in shrub beds and other areas and Post-emergent Weed and Grass Treatment in beds, tree rings, walks, patios, and driveways.
  11. Comprehensive Soil Analysis (CSA): Soil samples sent to a lab to identify soil problems and actions required to achieve optimum growing conditions for a thick, green, healthy lawn.  Based on the lab results, we will custom blend your treatments to address your lawn’s needs.
  12. Tick Control: Recommended in areas with high deer populations and extensive brush growth around the lawn perimeter.  Treatments should be applied throughout the growing season.

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Why is Giroud the best choice for your lawn treatment service?

“AWARD WINNING” CUSTOMER CARE: Just like our Tree Service, your Annual Lawn Program comes with Giroud’s guarantee that you will love doing business with us. That means, we will always be prompt and friendly, respond immediately to any concerns, and, provide the best service for both you and your lawn.

Giroud 6 Visit Annual Lawn Treatment ProgramCUSTOM TAILORED FOR YOUR LAWN: No two lawns are alike. Yet, most lawn companies use a “one size fits all” approach. Not Giroud! We customize your lawn treatment service program to fit the exact needs of your lawn. With our Program, your Giroud PA Certified Lawn Technician regularly monitors lawn health; tests pH levels; and, determines the best treatments and timing based on your lawn’s unique needs. This targeted approach is more environmentally sound and yields the best results over time.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: Building a healthy, thick, green lawn is a process that can take up to several years. The time depends on the current condition of your lawn, its growing environment and the actions necessary to create optimal results. Our Annual Lawn Program controls most of the variables that build a greener, healthier lawn including: pH balance, nutrient levels, insect activity and weed proliferation. Other factors are more unpredictable and require additional action:

  • Weather: Unless you have an irrigation system, heat and lack of rain affects every lawn no matter what treatment program you use. Manually watering your lawn during these periods may be required to maintain a greener lawn.
  • Lawn Cutting: Cutting lawns too short in hot, dry weather can have devastating results. For optimal results, your lawn cutter must mow at a height of at least 3 inches during the growing season.
  • Growing Environment: Drainage, soil composition, turf disease, grass type, and too much shade are problems we can address with Giroud’s Optional Tree and Lawn Services.

BOTTOM LINE: When Giroud manages your Annual Lawn Program, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make you happy with our service!