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Lawn Services

No two lawns are alike.  Yet, most lawn services companies use a “one size fits all” approach.

Not Giroud! We customize your lawn treatment service program to fit the exact needs of your lawn.

Giroud Lawn Care Services

Our guaranteed Lawn Treatment Services are performed by PA Certified lawn pros who have the knowledge and experience to do what’s right for your lawn.

How is Giroud different from other lawn service companies?

Personal Service:

The main thing that sets Giroud apart is personal service!  You don’t have to work through a vast corporate hierarchy to get the attention your lawn needs.

We’re local and just an easy phone call or email away.  You can speak with our friendly office team or directly with your Giroud PA Certified Lawn Technician.

Your Giroud Lawn Technician is your personal lawn care manager.  He is responsible for everything on your lawn from applying treatments to making sure you are 100%  happy with our service.

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No Extra Charges for Vital Treatments

No Hidden Fees: Most companies charge additional fees for treatments such as grub and insect control.  These pests can ruin your lawn!  That’s why, we include grub and insect control treatments in our program at no additional cost to you.

No Pricing Games: Often, companies will bring you in at an extremely low introductory rate.  Then, after a few treatments, they’ll raise your price substantially.  At Giroud, the price is the price.  We tell you up front exactly what the price will be for the entire season.

Free pH Test: Balanced pH is critical to your lawn’s ability to absorb fertilizer and treatments. Giroud includes a free annual pH test to determine if the soil pH is too acidic and requires adjustment.

See our Lawn Service Comparison Guide to learn more about the Giroud difference.

Would you prefer an organic approach to lawn care?  In addition to our traditional Annual Lawn Treatment Service, Giroud also offers a 100% Organic Lawn Treatment Program.

Learn more from our latest Lawn Service videos:

Free Lawn Evaluation

Our lawn evaluations are always free.  Your evaluation will be performed by one of our PA Certified Lawn Specialists.

It all starts with a lawn inspection.   We’ll analyze the growing environment, current condition and any emerging issues.  Then,  design your Program  to provide the care and treatments needed for a healthy, green lawn.

Annual Lawn Program

Our SIX VISIT Annual Lawn Program provides the comprehensive care and treatment your lawn needs.  Your Giroud PA Certified Technician monitors your lawn on regular visits.  During his visit, he will check lawn health and apply a specially blended fertilizer treatment.

Grub and insects can ruin your lawn.  That’s why, our lawn program includes grub and insect control treatments at no additional cost to you.  Most companies charge extra for these treatments.  We include them because grub and insect controls are essential to giving you a healthy lawn.

For weeds, Giroud applies weed control only as needed.  This eliminates unnecessary use of chemicals.  
Giroud 6 Visit Annual Lawn Treatment Program

100% Organic Lawn Program

Many lawn service companies claim to have an organic program.  However, most blend synthetic ingredients along with organics.  Giroud is different.  Our 100% Organic Lawn Program uses 100% natural organic treatments.  It also includes monitoring to build healthy soil and lawns.  No synthetic herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides are utilized.

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    Traditional Program Quote
    $0.00 +taxPer visit - 6 visits a year.
    100% Organic Program Quote
    $0.00 +taxPer visit - 6 visits a year.

    Lawn Fertilization

    Lawn Before and After Treatment

    Fertilizing your lawn through the growing season is essential. Giroud’s fertilizer is specially blended to provide the right balance of nutrients for even growth and beautiful color. Six treatments are recommended.  Photo: Lawn Treatments work! Top row shows a lawn before our treatments began and the bottom row shows the results after.

    Weed Control

    To control weeds on your lawn, your Giroud PA Certified Applicator will apply a pre-emergent barrier in the spring to prevent weeds from germinating. Then, spot treatments are done as required during our monitoring visits to control weed growth.

    Insect and Disease Problems

    Fungus outbreaks, grubs and voles are just a few of the problems that can damage lawns. Consistent monitoring throughout the growing season ensures that our PA licensed Lawn Technicians identify and treat pest or disease problems.

    Lawn Repair

    Lawn Renovation Before, During and After

    Whether it’s spot seeding a few areas or rejuvenating your entire lawn, Giroud uses special equipment to cut grooves and plant seed. This process ensures successful germination and establishment of seedlings. If dense thatch or compacted soil is a problem, aeration may be recommended to allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots and stimulate healthy growth.  Photo: Shows the before during and after stages of a recently completed lawn renovation.

    Optional Comprehensive Soil Analysis

    For an additional charge, soil samples are taken from key locations around your lawn in late summer. The soil is sent to a nationally recognized Agronomic Lab to measure nutrient levels and soil quality. Based on the lab results, Giroud customizes your fall Fertilizer Treatments to meet the exact requirements of your lawn and determine if additional amendments are required.