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Cankerworm Control and Treatment


Favorite trees include: Ash, Birch, Black Cherry, Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Pin Oak, Red Oak and White Oak.  However, when these trees are unavailable, it will also feed on Apple, Dogwood, Hickory and other hardwood trees.Cankerworms are voracious eaters. Also known as an Inchworm, these pests can defoliate entire tree canopies in just a few days.

Are Cankerworms destroying your trees?

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Dropping from the trees on silken threads, a Cankerworm outbreak can look like an alien invasion. Mature larvae consume whole leaves of susceptible trees, leaving only the midrib and larger veins.

Cankerworms Defoliate Trees

Cankerworms run in cycles of light to heavy outbreaks. Treatment is needed to control serious outbreaks before the Cankerworms destroy the tree. Check out our insect and disease control libraries for more information on other tree problems.