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Winter Training Keeps Giroud Tree Crew on Cutting Edge of Industry

Giroud Winter Training Proper Tree Cutting and Sawing TechniquesAn Oak Tree with stress cracks needs to be pruned before high winds push the heavy branches to a catastrophic breaking point. A massive Hemlock tree with two leaders should be cabled before one side snaps from the weight of both trunks pulling away from one another.  An Ash tree infected with Emerald Ash Borers has become incredibly dry and brittle and has to be removed before it falls and causes serious damage.

The Giroud tree care crews face different challenges every day, which is why frequent training is a priority. Chainsaws and stump grinders were out in full force for Giroud’s Annual Winter Training Day. The entire tree crew came together as a team for a day of learning about the latest advancements in techniques and technologies in the Tree Care industry.

Giroud Tree Climber Jack Morvin lead an informative session on collar cut pruning. “We’re all arborists,” he told the crew. “(Being an arborist) is actually understanding the biology of the trees we deal with every day. We’re kind of like doctors, like tree surgeons.”

Giroud Winter Training Proper Tree Rigging ForcesEveryone on the crew is viewed as an arborist, and it’s that idea that sets Giroud Tree & Lawn apart from other tree companies. From your first call to the day of the job to the follow up inspections, knowledgeable team members are in constant communication about your property’s needs.

Check out the video to see for yourself why Winter Training Day is just one of the ways Giroud Tree & Lawn is so outstanding in the tree care industry.

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