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Why You May Need to Cable Your Tree

Why You May Need to Cable Your Tree.jpgHeavy winds and rough weather can lead to trees splitting apart and dangerous falling limbs. Installing cables in weak limbs is often the best way to prevent damage.

Here are a few reasons why you may need to have your tree cabled.

Co-dominant Leaders

If your tree has two or more main leaders or trunks, it may be at high risk for splitting apart.  The area where the leaders divide is often a major weak spot for a tree. 

Why You Need Cable your Tree wishbone.jpgThink of a wishbone.  When you pull on both ends at the same time, the wishbone breaks apart. 

It’s the same for trees with co-dominant leaders.  When storms put a strain on the tree, it is most likely to break apart at the weak spot between the two leaders. This can be a major hazard, especially if the tree is near your house, play area or car! 

Cables to the rescue!   Installing a cable between the trunks, reduces the strain on the weak limbs and prevents the tree from splitting apartVisit the Giroud Tree cabling info page for more information!

Overextended, Weakly Attached Limbs

Sometimes a limb that extends from the main trunk may experience aggressive growth. If this limb becomes too big, the weight becomes too much for the trunk to bear and the limb snaps.  If caught in time, this limb can be cabled to the main trunk which will ease the weight distribution and prevent breakage.

Some trees are just more susceptible to breakage

Just about any tree with weakly attached limbs or more than one main trunk is at risk for splitting apart or losing major limbs. Check out this report by the University of Illinois which highlights which trees are more at risk for breakage than others.

Should You Cable Your Tree?

The only way to know for sure is to have an ISA Certified Arborist inspect all the trees on your property. 

Call 215-682-7704 today to schedule your FREE inspection!



Is your tree already cabled? Annual inspections are vital!

Cable hardware wears down over time. Tree health and structural integrity can also change. For safety and performance, tree cable supports must be inspected annually. Inspections are always FREE!

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