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Why Winter is a Great Time to Get Started with Your Lawn Service

It’s 7 am on a chilly Wednesday morning in February. Giroud Lawn Care Technician, Bill Krowchena, climbs into his lawn service truck with a large Dunkin Donuts coffee. He takes a sip before he starts paging through his clipboard notes. “We have a lot of stops today, so I need my coffee!”

Boy is he right!  Bill has a full day ahead of him visiting lawns in Wynnewood and Ardmore.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering: Why in the world is Bill visiting lawns in the dead of winter?  Believe it or not, now is the time to evaluate lawns for spring and summer lawn service programs.

Great Lawn Service Starts with a Plan Now

“Timing is everything,” explains Bill. “If we don’t get customers on the schedule now, they could miss those crucial first treatments, and that sets the tone for the whole season.”

Bill is referring to the first 2 treatments of Giroud’s 6-Visit Lawn Care Program, in which Fertilizer treatment is paired with Pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control.

“Crabgrass is such a pain, and it’s all over our area,” says Bill. “You really have to stay on top of it or it can take over your lawn.”

Timing is Key

Additionally, if the first treatments are late, it pushes back all of the other treatments. Since the program is designed to address specific issues at different times of the season, if you don’t get started now your lawn could suffer.

“I’ve seen whole lawns destroyed by grubs in just a few weeks!” explains Bill. “We have preventative grub control built right into the program at just the right time to knock them out.”

Lawn ServiceWeather also plays an important role in lawn service timing. The Giroud Lawn Care Team evaluates weather patterns when making the decision for when to start treatments. “We haven’t had much snow this year, but in Pennsylvania it’s really not unusual to get slammed with a storm in March,” notes Bill. “On the other hand, if we have an early spring, we need to get on customers’ properties ASAP and start those treatments.”


Identifying Trouble Spots Now

Working with a Giroud Lawn Care expert now will guarantee the best results from your program.  That’s because, they identify which areas might be more of a challenge and how to solve it.

“Each lawn is different from the next,” explains Bill. “When I’m evaluating a lawn, I look for all kinds of issues. I might see moss growing over here, thinning grass over there, or a big tree that will leaf out, shade grass and slow down growth. Then, I plan strategies for taking care of those issues. For example, I might suggest seeding or aeration for a lawn that needs a little TLC.”

As experienced lawn care experts, Giroud Lawn Care Technicians are able to identify the subtle differences in lawn issues to correctly diagnose and treat the real problem.

Lawn Service Technicians

Your Giroud Lawn Service Techs

Giroud’s knowledgeable Lawn Service Team has many years of experience cultivating awesome lawns! Our Lawn Care Technicians, Paul Ruffenach, Bill Krowchena, and Tom McMonagle, are more than happy to discuss your lawn with you! Learn more about the team here!

How to Get Started on Your Lawn Care Program

A Giroud Lawn Care Expert will walk your entire property and create a custom plan to combat any issues on your lawn. Included with every Giroud Lawn Care Program is a mid-season check-up at Visit #3 with a complimentary pH Soil Test. Maintaining a healthy pH is vital to producing great results for your lawn. Lime applications may be recommended to decrease the acidity in your soil, so your grass will grow healthy and strong!

Check out Giroud Arborist Rob Nagy’s demonstration of a pH Soil Test.

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