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What to do When Eastern Tent Caterpillars Attack

What to Do when Eastern Tent Caterpillars Attack Your Trees

Caterpillars can be cute when they’re crawling across the sidewalk, but they can do serious damage to your trees! Eastern Tent Caterpillars have a taste for a wide variety of trees, so homeowners need to be on the lookout in springtime for any signs of an infestation. The experts at Giroud Tree & Lawn explain what to look for and how to combat these creepy crawlies.

What to Look for

Eastern Tent Caterpillars attack a wide variety of deciduous trees including Wild Cherry, Apple, Crabapple, Ash, Birch, Maple, Oak, and Poplar.  There’s no mistaking their signature tent-like webs, which are constructed in the crotches of tree branches. The webs are clearly visible in the Spring, and Giroud Arborists are already seeing them out on properties now. These webs can be an eyesore, making the trees on your property look messy and unkempt.

Voracious Appetites

Not only are the webs unsightly, Eastern Tent Caterpillars can severely defoliate a tree. Defoliation weakens the health of the tree, so damage by Eastern Tent Caterpillars can make it more susceptible to invasion by secondary insects and diseases.

Check out this video by Giroud Arborist, Rob Nagy of one of the most devastating Eastern Tent Caterpillar infestations he’s ever seen!

Treatment Timing

Treatment for these caterpillars is most critical early in the season, so if you see them in your trees, you need to schedule an inspection with your Giroud Arborist now. These caterpillars will quickly make plans for which trees to attack next year, so you’ll want to treat for them to get ahead of next year’s life cycle.

It all starts with a Property Evaluation

A Giroud expert will conduct a FREE fully property evaluation to inspect infested trees and also look for signs of trees the caterpillars are moving to for next year. Call 215-682-7704 today to get started!

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