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Want a Beautiful Lawn Next Spring…Start Now!

Want-a-Healthy-Beautiful-Lawn-next-spring-start-now.jpgBeautiful lawns begin in the Fall. Take the following steps now for a healthy, thick, green lawn next Spring.

  1. Soil Test:Comprehensive Soil Analysis (CSA): Now is the best time to identify soil problems. Giroud takes soil samples from around your lawn for testing by a nationally recognized Agronomic Lab. Based on the test results, your Giroud Technician custom blends your Fall fertilizer treatments and determines if other actions are required.
  2. Lawn Treatments (including Fertilization): Our special fall formula or CSA Custom Blend helps your lawn establish strong root systems and prepare for winter stress and spring growth. If you don’t already have our Annual Lawn Program, ask about our Fall Treatment package.
  3. Core Aeration: Every lawn can benefit from aeration. Aeration breaks through dense patches of thatch and fractures compacted soil. It stimulates healthy growth, gives your lawn’s roots immediate access to fertilizer, lime and other amendments and accelerates seed germination and growth. It is a must for any lawn that is being seeded.

3 steps to prepare your lawn for winter

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