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  • Cindy Giroud

Turkeys in Newtown PA

These turkeys in Newtown PA seem unconcerned about Thanksgiving.  Well, all except for the one on the left, who appears to be hightailing it out of sight.  Photo snapped by Erik Rodgers as he traveled through picturesque Bucks County yesterday.  

Turkeys free to enjoy Thanksgiving in Newtown PA


Author: Cindy Giroud

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  • Woody Zimmerman

    Don’t have a picture but, when we were leaving for church this morning, Live in The Quarters Newtown Gate. We had four on the front lawn. New to me and I have been around for ninety years? By the way, made all kind of nose including barking like a dog ,did not move a inch? Foe certain these birds will not end up on some one’s table. All a great Thanks giving.

    • Jeanne Hafner

      Barking like a dog! Sounds like some crazy turkeys! Happy Thanksgiving, Woody!