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Umbrella Pine

Tree Spotlight: Umbrella Pine

Handsome shape, rich, dark green color and unusual needle formation make the Umbrella Pine (Sciadopitys verticillata) a stand-out specimen tree. A slow grower at about 6 inches per year, it can achieve height of 25-30 feet tall in the urban landscape. The Umbrella Pine should be planted in moist, slightly acidic soil in a sunny location with good protection from the wind.

The bark of the umbrella pine is brown or grayish-brown, and peels off in long strips. The tree has two types of leaves. Small, triangular, scalelike leaves are scattered along the stems. At the ends of stems, radiating like the ribs of an umbrella, are narrow, glossy, dark green needles. Male cones form in dense clusters while the female cones grow individually at the tips of branches. Over a period of two years, the cones mature and change from green to brown.

Author: Cindy Giroud

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