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Franklinia Tree

Tree Spotlight: Franklinia

Discovered by the Bartram’s in 1765, the Franklinia was named in honor of their friend, Benjamin Frankilin. A multi-stemmed tree with year-round interest, its creamy white fragrant flowers bloom from late July into September. The dark green leaves turn orange and red in the fall, often in combination with a few late flowers. Subtly striped branches and persistent seed capsules add winter interest. Sometimes this plant will try to grow as a shrub, but it can usually be trained into tree form.

Bartram’s Garden recommends the following tips for planting and caring for your Franklinia:

  • Proper site selection and pre-planting preparation are crucial.
  • Plant a Franklinia in a site with excellent drainage, acidic soil enriched with organic matter with a pH between 5-6, and protection from strong winds.
  • The Franklinia tolerates full sun as well as dense shade, but fares best in partial shade (about a half day of sunlight).
  • Apply mulch lightly over entire root area and make sure it has adequate water in the summer, and through the fall when it still growing and flowering.
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