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Hawthorne, Tree, Crataegus_viridis_'Winter_King'

Tree Spotlight: Crataegus Viridis (“Winter King” Green Hawthorne)

Aptly named “Winter King,” this variety of Crataegus Viridis, (Green Hawthorne) is crowned with a regal display of red berries in winter. For added interest, the Hawthorne’s beige bark peels and flakes to reveal a coppery cinnamon beneath. The show continues in the Spring and Summer when clusters of white flowers are set against glossy green leaves. For a grand finale, its leaves turn gold with traces of red and purple in Autumn.

Unlike most Hawthornes, the “Winter King” is relatively pest and disease free. It also tolerates a variety of soil types as well as urban pollution. A large tree, the Hawthorne can reach 25-35 feet in height and width.

The Hawthorne is best as a focal point tree and doesn’t usually need a backdrop. If one is necessary, light colors are superior or else the foliage becomes lost in the background. If only planted for winter interest, plant it in front of dark evergreens such as yews or hemlocks.

Author: Cindy Giroud

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