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Tree Pruning Keeps Yards and kids Safe

Tree Pruning Keeps Yards Safe!

As we prepare for a summer with limited camp and daycare options for kids, making sure our own yards are safe is more important than ever. Your trees can pose a serious risk if they aren’t evaluated for health and safety. One Giroud employee learned that neglecting regular tree pruning almost caused costly property damage and possible injury to her young children. Read on to see what happened and how she took steps to make sure her yard was ready for the summer ahead!

Social Distancing Interrupts Summer Plans

In late March, as the government began putting social distancing restrictions in place for the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jeanne Hafner’s two children, ages 8 and 10, were suddenly out of school and doing remote learning. She was able to start working from home in order to free up space in the office to fellow Giroud employees so they could spread out.

She thought this would be a temporary inconvenience. However, as the weeks dragged on, she started to hear talk that many summer camps would not open this year. Jeanne relies on camps so she can go into the office in the summertime. She realized she needed to come up with an alternative way to keep her kids busy.

A Scary Discovery

She started to plan for activities they could do without her help because she needed to be in her office working for most of the day. As the weather started to warm up, she went outside one day to walk her property. That’s when she discovered that a large branch had broken off of a neighbor’s tree and crashed on to the ground- right next to the kids’ swingset!

Tree Pruning Safe Yard for Kids
John Weggel, Giroud Tree Crew Leader (far right), with his crew, Rick Ritter (left) and Bryan Beebee (middle).

“A major part of my job at Giroud is taking pictures and videos of damage caused by unsafe trees,” says Jeanne Hafner, Marketing Team Leader. “That’s why I can’t believe I never really thought about the trees on my own property! I guess the branch cracked off in one of the really windy storms the week before. I didn’t even realize it!”

Time for a Tree Pruning Evaluation

Jeanne immediately scheduled a full property evaluation with Drew Slousky, Giroud Vice President and ISA Certified Arborist. He checked all of her trees and gave his recommendations for the property. The most pressing concern, of course, was the neighbor’s Oak Tree, which was still filled with dangerous deadwood.

“This was obviously not an expense I had been planning for,” explained Jeanne. “I have a tight budget, and I can’t afford to do everything right now. Drew was really understanding and he outlined for me exactly what is a priority and what I can wait on.”

Tree Pruning Safe Yard for Kids
Tree Pruning made this Oak Tree much safer!

Tree Pruning Makes the Yard Safe Again

A few weeks later, Giroud Crew Leader, John Weggel, and his crew, Bryan Beebee and Rick Ritter, cleaned out the deadwood from the Oak. Now, her yard is much safer and the tree will be able to withstand seasonal storms.

“I feel so much more comfortable letting the kids play outside this summer while I’m busy in the office,” she says. “Taking care of that tree pruning was well worth the investment!”

Evaluating Your Property for Safety Issues

How do you know if your trees can survive a major summer storm? First, Check out Giroud’s Summer Checklist for Trees to know the steps you can take to make your property safe this season.

Then, schedule a free evaluation with a tree company with certified arborists and great credentials.

“The best approach is to have a professional tree service with ISA Certified Arborists check tree safety now,” says Drew Slousky, “If Jeanne had her trees checked annually, an arborist would look for cracks, decay, excessive deadwood, structural defects, and other health and safety problems. Tree Pruning is vital maintenance for keeping the property safe.”

You may only be able to see obvious issues in your trees, but a Certified Arborist knows how to spot problems that you can’t! Pre-Storm Tree Inspections are the best way to avoid property damage. Your arborist may make the following recommendations to keep your property safe during summer storm season:

Tree Pruning Safe Yard for Kids
Jeanne’s daughter swings in a much safer backyard thanks to tree pruning by Giroud!
  1. Tree Trimming: Thinning out crowns and removing crossed, weak and dead branches will ensure high winds can easily move through the tree.
  2. Tree cabling: Trees with multiple trunks or weakly attached limbs are prime targets for splitting. Cabling keeps limbs and trunks secure. A professional arborist will select the appropriate cable system and ensure it is installed at the right height and tension.
  3. Tree Removal: Trees that are dead or have unstable root systems are hazardous and must be removed. However, don’t try to remove a tree yourself! Tree removal is considered the most dangerous operation performed by a tree service, so you should to leave that job to the professionals. They  have have the knowledge and equipment to safely remove trees, even in the most challenging locations.
  4. Deep Root Feedings, Insect and Disease Control: If your arborist sees any signs that your trees are unhealthy, he may recommend treatments to combat any issues plaguing them. Just like we take vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy and strong to fight off illnesses, your trees will benefit from regular nutrient rich fertilization!

Seasonal storms can hit without warning, which is why all trees near your home need to be thoroughly evaluated for health and safety. The potential to save you, your family and your home from extensive tree damage is priceless!

Giroud Inspections are Always FREE!

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late! Call 215-682-7704 today to schedule your FREE Pre-Storm Tree Inspection so you can avoid emergency property damage later!

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