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Tree Planting Fails!

There are few things as sad as seeing a tree that got off to a bad start because of improper planting. Here at Giroud, we’ve seen some pretty rough tree planting fails! Check out these examples below and learn how you can avoid making the same mistakes on your property.

Girdling Roots on American Elm Tree
Girdling Roots on American Elm Tree

Girdling Roots

One of the most common tree planting problems is improper planting, which can lead to girdling roots. Girdling roots happen when the tree is planted too deep or when mulch is piled up too high around the base of a tree. This causes the roots to grow up and around the tree. As the tree matures, the trunk gets wider. Those roots end up strangling the tree, which can lead to major issues and even tree death!

To learn more about how Girdling Roots nearly destroyed all the trees in one development in Newtown, Click here! (Spoiler alert- the Giroud Crew saved the trees from peril!)

tree makes a mess on sidewalkWrong Tree for the Wrong Place

“Get a Kwanzan Cherry,” they said. “It blooms with beautiful pink flowers every spring!”

While it’s true that this is a lovely tree, knowing where to plant it is important. Every May, the homeowner deals with messy flowers all over the front porch. The flowers are tracked into the house and have to be vacuumed up daily.  Choosing the right tree for the right spot on your property is key to giving it a great head start! Plus, you’ll enjoy watching it grow and thrive if it’s able to do so in the most ideal place.

Zelkova destroys sidewalkWatch Out for Sidewalks and Structures

Speaking of location, check out how the roots of this Zelkova tree have destroyed a sidewalk! Some trees have larger root systems than others. If you have a smaller yard lined with a walkway, you will want to consider this when choosing a new tree. If not, you may end up paying the price later to jackhammer out your sidewalk and even to have the tree removed entirely.

Click Here to learn more about this Philadelphia Zelkova Tree and how Fox 29 News got involved!

Protect Your New Tree Planting from Pests

In this video, Giroud Arborist, Mike Chenail, shows how a young Red Maple was damaged by deer.

Protect Young Trees from deerAs Mike explains, male deer rub their antlers on trees to leave their scent and attract a mate. While larger more mature trees may be able to withstand the damage, younger trees can be destroyed by deer.

When planting a new, young tree, Mike recommends wrapping it in fencing or tubing. Once the tree is established, you can remove the protection.

How to Avoid Tree Planting Fails

If you want to make sure your new tree planting gets a great start on life, work with an ISA Certified Giroud Arborist! Your arborist is always available for a FREE evaluation. He will walk your property with you and make recommendations for the best type of tree and the best location in your yard to plant it. If you have a certain type of tree in mind, like a flowering tree or a shade tree, he will explain the nuances in all the varieties so you can make an informed decision.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out Giroud’s Top Picks for Unique Trees Here!

Once you’ve chosen your tree, the fantastic Giroud Crew will plant it with precision and give it the healthy head start it needs to live a long, healthy, beautiful life!

To learn more about Giroud Tree Planting Services, Click Here!


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