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Fall Tree planting

Tree Must-Haves for Fall Color & Interest

Persimmon Tree Has Beautiful Fall Foliage and Edible Fruit Making It an Great Tree to Plant

Want to add a pop of a color and interest to your Fall landscape?  Mother Nature offers a bounty of amazing trees that have unusual features and bursts of color.  (pictured: Persimmon Tree has beautiful fall foliage and edible fruit.)

Jeanne Hafner, Giroud Marketing Assistant, shows us what she found on her quest to create a beautiful Fall landscape.

“Once summer is over, my garden tends to look blah.  So, my mom and I searched for ways to integrate plants and shrubs that really bloom and look gorgeous in Fall.” 

Here are some of unusual trees and shrubs that Jeanne discovered on Monravia’s blog “7 Must-Haves with Multi-Season Interest.”   

Any one of these trees may be perfect for your landscape.  But, if you want it to thrive and live a long life, you need to be sure that it will love the spot where you want to plant it. Here are the factors Giroud considers to select and plant the best tree for the location.(video: Landscape is transformed with new plantings)

  1. Space: How much room does the tree have to grow in height and spread?  The tree’s growth habit should match the space available.  
  2. Location: Is area sunny, shady or open to the wind and other weather?
  3. Soil conditions: What type of soil will the tree grow in: loose, wet, rocky or compact?
  4. Proximity to Other Structures: Will the tree be near a patio, walkway, other plantings or a window?

Schedule your FREE Evaluation with a ISA Certified Giroud Arborist now and we’ll help you find and plant the best tree to add color and interest to your landscape.




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