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woman with wheelbarrow in garden

Top 5 Yard and Garden Tools Recommended by Your Giroud Experts

As you start to plan your spring projects, you might be looking for yard and garden tools to make your job easier. Read on to see what 5 Giroud experts recommend as their favorite tools for yardwork!

Rob NagyHand Pruner and Loppers

“As a property owner and gardener, I have found that a well-built, sharp hand pruner and a good set of loppers are essential. I use them for staying on top of unwanted vines, saplings, weeds, small dead branches, and encroaching branches to clear from target areas. Also, I always carry a good pair of work gloves with me.”

-Rob Nagy, ISA Certified Giroud Arborist

Good Buys:

Felco Pruning Shears on Amazon

Fiskars Lopper on Amazon

Doug Muth

A Wheelbarrow

“By far, my favorite yard tool has to be the wheelbarrow.  For tree guys, we call them ‘gear barrows’, because we keep our climbing gear and saws in them to stay organized on the job site. It keeps the tools off the ground. Once the tools go back in the truck, the wheelbarrow helps with clean-up. We like to customize them with stickers and solid tires here at Giroud. We trash pick ’em and rebuild them for our crews to use.”

-Doug Muth, General Tree Work Manager

Good Buys (if you can’t trash pick one!):

Marathon Yard Rover on Amazon

Giroud’s latest re-furbished wheelbarrow:


Handy Tools for the Lawn

“I have a couple of recommendations for the lawn. First, let’s start with a wooden or metal leaf rake to clean debris from the lawn. I also use this to stand up any matted down grass from the winter. Next, a flat-edged edging shovel to edge out any planter beds before mulching. Finally, nothing beats having a tarp on hand to put any debris on so it can be dragged across the wet spring yard in order to eliminate mechanical damage to the turf.”

-Jason Lines, Giroud Lawncare Manager 

Good Buys:

Adjustable Expanding Metal Rake on Amazon

Fiskars Long-Handle Steel Edger on Amazon

Amazon Basics Waterproof Tarp

Drew Slousky

A Trowel for Digging and Planting

“Nothing beats a good trowel. I use them for planting bulbs, veggie plants, seeds, and everything else. It’s an easy-to-use tool and it gets the job done!”

-Drew Slousky, Giroud Vice President and ISA Certified Arborist

Good Buy:

Fiskars Ergo Garden Hand Trowel

Rodney Stahl, Jr

The Best Tool for Beating Back Mosquitoes

“If you have a pond, fountain, or birdbath, the best thing you can buy is a water agitator of some sort. Mosquitoes can’t breed on moving water. You can use any sort of product out there that keeps the water moving, even one of those swimming frog toys. I recommend finding a solar-powered product so you don’t even have to worry about batteries or electrical hookups. Keeping the water moving will significantly cut down on mosquitoes.”

-Rodney Stahl, Jr, Giroud Plant Health Care Manager

Best Buys:

Solar Fountain Pump on Amazon

Water Wiggler Bird Bath Water Circulator

If you have any concerns about your lawn or yard this year, give us a call at 215-682-7704 to schedule a FREE Inspection with a Giroud Expert!


Author: Jeanne Hafner

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  • jaime

    love the first picture in this post. a women in the garden with no shoes and nightgown on. ready to go to work certainly !!!!!!

    • Jeanne Hafner

      🙂 While not recommended, you can garden in a nightgown with no shoes! Thanks for your comment, it made us smile. Have a great week!