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Surprising Truths about Tree Removal

You look up at a dead tree and think: How hard can it be to cut it down? The reality is often very deceiving. Just consider a simple tree limb. It can weigh more than 2,000 lbs! Now imagine that much weight cut loose from the tree, speeding through the air towards…what? That’s the big question! Your tree removal crew needs to know exactly how to bring the tree down safely without damaging your property. It’s not always easy. It takes: expert rigging to tie off and bring down the limb; precise cuts; the right equipment; and, a trained crew that works in perfect sync together. Check out this video. Rob Nagy, Giroud Arborist, shows how our crew set up special rigging to remove a dead Pine tree located next to a house. Concerned about a tree that may need removal? Give us a call!

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