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Summer is Not too Late to Get Started on Lawn Care Treatments

Summer is Not Too Late to Get Started on Lawn Care Treatments

It’s almost the end of June and we’re in full summer mode in the Philadelphia area. Let’s face it- it may not be the best time to plan the most ideal vacation. Many of us are spending less time “down the shore” and more time in our own backyards. Sure, it’s wonderful to feel the sand between your toes, but isn’t is also great to feel the grass under your feet? Maybe not, if you have a patchy, brown lawn! There’s still time to build vibrant, green grass with Giroud’s Lawn Care Treatments. Read on to find out how!

Better Late than Never!

While it’s true that the best time to start your lawn treatments is early spring, that doesn’t mean you can’t get great results by starting later in the season. There are still 3 important treatments remaining in Giroud’s 6 Visit Lawn Care Program.  The treatments are carefully timed to nourish the soil and grass and give your lawn exactly what it needs at each visit for the rest of the season.

Lawn Care Treatment Program Before and After Results
Lawn Treatments work! Lawn before our treatments began and the results after.

We spoke with Giroud Lawn Care Technicians, Tom McMonagle and Paul Ruffenach, to explain why starting your lawn program in the summer can still yield great results.

“Our summer fertilizer treatments boost the grass roots,” explains Paul. “That boost gives grass the food and nutrients it needs to get through the hot season.”

“Weeds are naturally tough and they take over a lawn,” adds Tom. “When grass is thicker and stronger, it can crowd out the weeds. That boost of nutrients from our midseason fertilizer treatments will strengthen and thicken up your grass. Plus, at the end of the program, we’ll treat your lawn for fall weeds and insects. All these steps help build a healthy, green lawn.

Preparing Your Lawn for Winter… and Next Spring!

The final lawn treatments at the end of the program are vital to preparing your lawn for the long, cold winter ahead. Fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, and even surface feeding insect control are all included in those late summer and fall treatments.

Additionally, your lawn care technician will perform a pH soil test to determine if your lawn needs a lime application in the fall to balance acidity. He may also make recommendations for seeding if there are bare areas that need attention. By the end of the season, you’ll be able to relax knowing your lawn has everything it needs to get through the winter and wake up beautifully in spring!

Check out Giroud Arborist Rob Nagy’s demonstration of a pH Soil Test.

More than Just Lawn Treatments

When you hire Giroud to care for your lawn, you get more than just lawn treatments. You get a PA Licensed Lawn Technician who will monitor your entire lawn throughout the growing season. Each of our Lawn Techs has their own route, so you’ll get the same person every time.   Your Giroud Lawn Care Technician gets to know your lawn personally. Checking for problems like fungus outbreaks, insect and animal damage, diseases, and drought problems are all part of his regular visits. Plus, he is always available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have!

How to Get Started on Your Lawn Care Program

It’s never too late to get the lawn you want! Your Giroud Lawn Care Expert will walk your entire property and create a custom plan for your lawn! Call 215-682-7704 to schedule your FREE Lawn Care Evaluation Today!

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