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Success in the Fight Against Emerald Ash Borer

Success in the Fight Against Emerald Ash BorersThe death toll continues to rise as Emerald Ash Borers cut through our region and destroy unprotected Ash Trees. But, there is a bright spot in this bleak picture. Many Ash trees can still be saved! Your ISA Certified Giroud Arborist can check if your Ash Trees can still be treated preventatively, or if they are already infested and need to be removed.

What Are Emerald Ash Borers?

Back in 2002, these shiny green beetles first showed up in North America and, according to the Arbor Day Foundation, are believed to have come over on shipping materials from China. From the Detroit area, they have been eating their way throughout the country and have left a wake of decimated Ash trees in their path. These beautiful yet pervasive insects are a 100% Fatal Pest! Once an Ash tree is infested with Emerald Ash Borers, it will die within 1-3 years.

Is Your Ash Tree at Risk?

Yes! The question at this point isn’t If your Ash tree will become infested with the Emerald Ash Borers, it’s When will it become infested? These insects have covered a shocking amount of ground in the last few years. You can check EmeraldAshBorer.info to see a map of which states have already been affected.

There is Hope!

Giroud Tree and Lawn is seeing great success with their Preventative Tree-age Injections for Ash Trees in the fight against Emerald Ash Borers! A video by Rob Nagy, Giroud ISA Certified Arborist, shows the destruction on a street lined with Ash trees in Northeast Philadelphia. Several are dead or dying.  Yet, two that were protected with Tree-age injections are alive and healthy, despite being right next to trees that were eaten away by Emerald Ash Borers.



The contrast is startling,” says Rob Nagy. “These Ash trees are growing side by side, and Emerald Ash Borers are killing them all, except for the two that have been protected with Tree-age trunk injection treatments.”

Tree-age is the Only Treatment that Fully Protects Ash Trees from Emerald Ash Borers

“In good conscience, a company should not take money from homeowners for treatments that do not fully protect a tree from Emerald Ash Borer,” says Lou Giroud, ISA Certified Arborist and President of Giroud Tree and Lawn. “While other treatments may reduce EAB populations, the deadly pest can still be in the tree and continue to destroy it over time.  Tree-age trunk injections are the only treatment that Giroud recommends to its customers.”


How to Know if Your Ash Tree is Already Infected with Emerald Ash Borers

By the time you notice that your Ash tree doesn’t look healthy, Emerald Ash Borers have already done significant internal damage. That’s why it is critical to have your trees inspected by a Giroud ISA Certified Arborist now before the tree is damaged beyond repair. There are many important items to consider before you choose your plan of attack.

Have Emerald Ash Borers been found near the property?  Treatment should be done once EAB has been confirmed within 15 miles of the property.  Emerald Ash Borers have spread across our region and have heavily infested trees in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

Does the tree already have signs of Emerald Ash Borers?  Look for D shaped exit wounds, woodpecker damage, and crown die back.

Is the tree still healthy enough to absorb and transmit the treatment through the tree?  More than half the tree’s crown must still be alive and in full leaf.

Which treatment option is best and why? Tree-age trunk injections provide the best control against Emerald Ash Borer and last for two years.

Is the technician licensed by the state to perform the treatment?  Licensed professionals know how to calculate the right dosage for the size of the tree and the proper set-up for the application.

Success in the Fight Against Emerald Ash BorersDead Ash Trees are NOT Safe!

Emerald Ash Borers are Fast Killers. Ash trees infested with Emerald Ash Borers die within 1-3 years. If more than ½ of the tree’s crown is dead, the Ash cannot be saved. Tree removal will be necessary, especially if the dead Ash is located near your home, driveway or play area. Unfortunately, a dead Ash tree quickly becomes a safety hazard due to a few contributing factors:

Moisture Loss: Emerald Ash Borers cut off the flow of water and nutrients through the tree. Additionally, the fatal pest creates thousands of exit wounds. Both conspire to dry out the tree and make it brittle.

Weak Structure: the same straight, tight grain that makes Ash trees great for baseball bats and splitting firewood is also why it’s limbs and leaders easily split apart. The result is a dry, brittle tree that is at high risk for breaking apart.

Removal must be done ASAP, and a dead Ash tree is not a simple tree removal. The brittle tree is so dry that it can break apart in unexpected ways and cause significant and expensive damage.

Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will evaluate the tree’s condition. He will determine if a tree climber can safely work in the tree or if a crane and/or bucket truck is required. The longer the dead tree is left in the ground, the drier and more dangerous it becomes, making tree removal even more complicated and expensive.

Take Action- Don’t wait! Take the following steps now:

Inspection: Have your Giroud Arborist evaluate the tree and recommend the best action.

Tree Removal: If the Ash tree is dead or has become unsafe, prompt removal is required.

Treatment: If the Ash tree is still healthy enough to absorb treatment, a systemic trunk injection of Tree-age every two years protects Ash from Emerald Ash Borers.

Regular Pruning: In combination with treatment, remove deadwood and prune to promote healthy growth.

Call Today to Schedule a FREE Evaluation of Your Ash Trees while there’s still time!



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