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Why You Need to Think About Your Lawn Now

You might not think the middle of January is the time to start thinking about your lawn, but it is! Giroud Lawn Care Manager, Jason Lines, shares why it is so important to sign up for your Lawn Care Program now, and what else you can do in winter to help your grass get a healthy head start. Read on to find out what he has to say!

Jason Lines Lawncare ManagerA Healthy Head Start

When asked what are the most important steps homeowners can take now in winter to help their lawns, Jason Lines emphatically responds, “Plan ahead!” It’s easy to forget about your lawn when it’s too cold to actually enjoy your yard. But spring will be here before you know it!

Jason and the Giroud Lawn Care Service Techs are already busy visiting properties and making plans for the grass-growing season. Now in winter, they can already spot problem areas and make recommendations to homeowners.

“Plus,” explains Jason, “Homeowners need to sign up for their lawn care programs ASAP, because treatment timing is crucial to a successful program.┬áThe first two treatments include pre-emergents suppress the weeds and crabgrass from germinating in the early spring. This also allows the lawn to establish itself much quicker in the spring not having to compete with crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. Overall, it makes our additional spot treatments much more effective as the season progresses.”

Here are Jasons Top 3 Winter Lawn Prep Tips:

1- Prune Back Trees

Grass needs sunlight to grow! If you have trees with thick foliage, sunlight can’t reach the ground. You will end up with bare patches of lawn if you don’t prune back those branches. Winter is a great time to have your trees trimmed because that will allow your grass to take root as soon as the warm spring sunshine rolls in! Plus, trimming trees in winter means less cleanup because the branches are bare.

2- Clean Up Your Yard

“It’s always a shame when someone invests in a lawn care program, only to have that great grass smothered by piles of leaves and other debris,” says Jason. Again, grass needs sunlight to grow! Also, open-air circulation is important because, without it, your grass could suffer from fungal diseases, such as Red Thread and Brown Patch in the spring and summer.

Jason also points out that once your lawn care program gets started, a cluttered lawn prevents the tech from reaching every area with the treatments!

3- Sign Up for Your Lawn Care Program Now

Most importantly, sign up for your lawn care program as soon as you can. “Each treatment is carefully timed, and the weather plays a big role in the process. We can’t predict if we’ll have an early spring! If you’re not on the schedule, you could miss those vital first treatments.”

Those first two treatments set the tone for the entire season. If they’re late, all other treatments will be pushed back as well.

Lawn Service


Get Started Now!

If you don’t have a lawn care program in place already, or if you have questions or concerns about your current program, don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment with a Giroud Lawn Care Expert. The sooner you have your plan in place, the more you can enjoy your yard this year!

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