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Squirrels Use Trees to Get Inside Homes

Solving Squirrel Problems

Keeping Squirrels Out of Your House

Winter is prime time for squirrels to search for a warm, cozy home.  We want to help make sure it’s not in your attic or walls. That’s where
squirrel problems begin.

Once inside your house, squirrels chew exposed electrical wires, tear through storage,  furniture and other materials and leave droppings.  Besides creating a mess, this crafty member of the rodent family poses a serious fire, health and safety hazard.
Tree limbs often serve as an easy launch point for squirrels to leap on the roof and possibly into your house.
Tree trimming is a simple solution that can deter squirrels from gaining access to your house.  Your Giroud Arborist can evaluate the trees surrounding your house and determine how tree trimming or removal can help.

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