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Spring Lawn Treatments You Need Now

Spring Lawn Treatments You Need Now

Have you looked at your lawn lately? Chances are winter hasn’t been too kind to it. Winter dormancy can wreak havoc on your lawn, so you need to give your grass a healthy head start! Giroud offers a 6 part lawn care program, and the first two treatments are incredibly essential for preparing your grass for the long spring and summer ahead.

Here are the components of the Spring Lawn Care Treatments:

Fertilizer Treatment

Just like us, your growing grass needs a shot of vitamins and minerals to ensure a good start to the season.

“Your grass has been dormant all winter long,” explains Giroud Lawn Care Manager Mike Taraborrelli. “Fertilizer will provide your lawn with nutrients to strengthen it as it comes out of dormancy. It’ll grow thick and green with that added boost.”

Spring Lawn Treatments You Need NowPre-emergent Crabgrass and Broadleaf Weed Control

The first weeds to pop up are some of the most persistent! Giroud’s weed control treatments not only attack on contact; it also leaves a residual that will suppress future pesky weed growth.

pH Soil Testing

Included with every Giroud Lawn Care Program is a complimentary pH Soil Test. Maintaining a healthy pH is vital to producing great results for your lawn. Lime applications may be recommended to decrease the acidity in your soil, so your grass will grow healthy and strong!

Check out Giroud Arborist Rob Nagy’s demonstration of a pH Soil Test.

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