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Staying Home? Spring Projects You Can Do Now

Is the stay at home quarantine making you want to climb the walls?  Why not use this time to give your property some TLC?  We’ve compiled a list of spring projects to add excitement to your day while improving your house and yard!  Plus, since the kids are home, too, we’ve included spring home projects for them as well!

Spring Cleaning Checklist while Staying Home

Between the kids’ activities and your own busy schedule, deep cleaning has probably fallen near the bottom of your “To Do” list.  Now that we’re staying home and social distancing, it’s a great time to tackle all those home projects. Let’s throw open the windows, air out the house, and get moving!

  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Wipe walls and ceilings
  • Dust your home thoroughly
  • Wax wooden furniture
  • Wash window screens, then switch out the storm windows
  • Clean window treatments

Spring Cleaning Projects for Kids Staying Home from School

  • Wipe down the baseboards
  • Clean the microwave
  • Wipe down the vents
  • Wipe cabinets
  • Clean mirrors and windows

Home Maintenance Projects

  • Change the batteries in all smoke detectors
  • Reseal grout lines on tile floors
  • Replace air filters in your air conditioner
  • Power wash your siding
  • Clean out the gutters
  • Re-caulk the bathroom sink and bathtub

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Worry over the virus and quarantines is stressful enough. But, did you know research has shown that clutter also causes stress?  If you have to stay home, make your space less stressful by purging items you don’t use or need anymore.   Here are just some of the biggest clutter magnets to tackle:

COVID-19 Coronavirus social distancing donations

  • Jackets, gloves, hats, scarves and boots
  • Clothes
  • Closets
  • Junk drawer
  • Cooking utensils
  • Papers
  • DVDs
  • Toiletries
  • Purses and other bags
  • Old sheets, washcloths and towels

Declutter Projects for Kids

Kids can become overwhelmed with the idea of minimizing. It’s best to work in small chunks, tackling one project per day. Break down broad categories into smaller sections. For example, one day clean out all of the tee shirts, and the next day clean out all of the pants. Here are the main project categories for kids:

  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Toys
  • Outside Toys
  • Games
  • Papers, including school projects!
Borer exit hole
Look for insect borer exit holes on your tree trunks.

Yard and Garden Projects

Thankfully, we’ve been experiencing beautiful weather, so our yards have become a welcome escape for some fresh air and sunshine. Now is the perfect time to do a full property walk-around.

You can even do your property walk around with your kids.  The signs that a tree, shrub, or your lawn has health problems and needs are unmistakable.

Play detective and look for these signs of distress:

  1. Leaf irregularities: late to leaf out or only some sections of the tree leaf out; yellowing or discolored leaves; and, lack of new growth or dwarf leaves.
  2. Insects: Signs of insect damage on trees include holes in the trunk from exit wounds, chewed leaves, sparse leaf development and excessive deadwood. As we move further into spring, insect damage on your lawn can become more evident.  If areas of your grass are not greening up like other spots, you might have an insect, disease, or lawn fungus.
  3. Decay: Mushrooms and shelf fungi are symptoms of decay when growing out of the root system or trunk of a tree. Another sign of decay is a cavity. If the decay is extensive, then the tree may be hazardous.
  4. Deadwood: Dead branches can be a serious safety hazard to people and your property. Brittle branches tend to break more easily in windy summer storms, which will be here before you know it!

Yard and Garden Projects for Kids

How Giroud Can Continue to Serve You While Practicing Safe Social Distancing

If you find a problem with your trees, shrubs, or lawn, give us a call to schedule a FREE inspection with your ISA Certified Giroud Arborist.  During the outbreak, we have instituted additional safety protocols as recommended by the CDC for our property visits.

Your Arborist is still available to evaluate your tree and lawn concerns. He will not be able to meet with you face to face. However, he can call you by phone during your scheduled appointment if you are available. Or, he can call you later to discuss his findings and recommendations.

Our crews will continue to complete your tree and lawn services to ensure your property stays healthy and safe. Each crew member will travel to your property in a separate vehicle. Similar to your Arborist, they will not be able to meet with you face to face. If you have any questions or concerns about the job, please call our office and we will connect you with your Arborist right away

Click here to learn more about the steps we have taken to keep our employees and customers safe.

Author: Jeanne Hafner

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  • Kathy Walker

    What great ideas to keep us all busy since we don’t have a regular schedule. While I’m always decluttering , I hadn’t thought of the inside maintenance and yard work.
    That should be enough to keep me out of trouble.

    • Jeanne Hafner

      So happy to hear you found this article useful, Kathy! We all need a boredom break, so why not make some home and yard improvements! Plus, the sunshine will be good for us all!