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Uprooted Rose of Sharon Before Staking

Saving An Uprooted Tree

Below are Before and After photos of a “Rose of Sharon” that uprooted in Yardley. Erik Rodgers, Giroud Arborist, inspected the tree and found the root system was still intact with a good root ball making it possible to save it with staking.  After staking, the “Rose of Sharon” is once again upright. The tree will need these stakes for a least a year to give the root system time to get re-established. Giroud Crew Leader, Luigi Vargas, snapped both photos and commented that this was one of the nicest “Rose of Sharon’s” he had ever seen.

Uprooted Rose of Sharon Before Staking
Before Staking
After Staking Rose of Sharon Is Upright and Secure
After Staking
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