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Ash Tree Trunk Is Split and Could Break Apart

Saving an Ash Tree in Horsham

Bolting helps prevent trees from splitting apart.  The early snow storm was especially hard on trees with weak limbs and cracked trunks.  The heavy snow was just too much and many trees failed.  Rob Poley, Giroud Arborist, shows before and after pictures of an Ash tree with a cracked trunk in Horsham PA.  In the before picture, the crack is very wide making the tree at high risk for failure.  The after picture shows the two bolts on the sides of the tree and how they firmly close the crack and pull the trunk together.  It’s important to have structural problems evaluated and repaired before more storms strike.

Ash Tree Trunk Is Split and Could Break Apart
Split in Ash Tree is Stabilized After Bolting
After Bolting

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