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Puppy Confused after his Favorite Tree is Removed

After a tree removal, this confused puppy tries to find his favorite tree.

Dogs and trees go together like kibble and bits, but for one young pup, this sacred bond was broken, leading to one very confused puppy. After a morning of fun outside playing and spending time under his favorite tree, the playful dog was called indoors when Giroud arrived. Unfortunately, the puppy’s favorite tree was dead and had to be removed.

When Giroud crew was done with the tree removal, the excited puppy sprang past the threshold of the front door. What awaited him was a vacant spot where his leafy friend once stood. Confused, the puppy took a seat in the middle of the yard, and looked around to see where his tree could have gone. But alas, his search was to no avail. His friend had vanished, and was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, he had no problem finding a new tree on the property to call his new best friend.

Author: Cindy Giroud

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