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Lime lawn application to balance soil ph

pH: Nature’s Balancing Act

In nature, everything needs to work in balance. And, when it comes to your lawn, the tipping point for balance is pH. Read on to learn why the best way to balance your soil’s pH is with an annual lime application!

Your lawn is only as good as your soil

In our region, the natural soil pH is typically acidic. High clay content and other factors in Pennsylvania soil lead to high acid. High acid means your lawn can’t effectively absorb fertilizer and nutrients. The pH balance between acidity and alkalinity needs to be just right. The recommended level for good soil pH is around 7.0.

How do you know if your pH is off balance?

The Lawn Care Experts at Giroud Tree and Lawn offer a complimentary pH testing with every FREE Lawn Evaluation! Check out Giroud Arborist, Rob Nagy, in this video, where he explains how this test is done:


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What’s the solution?

A Lime Application can bring your soil’s acidity back to a healthy level! This treatment is typically performed in the fall. Depending on how off your soil’s pH is, treatments may need to be repeated annually or every other year.

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